Tuesday, 18 September 2012

And Finally...

But not quite....

Yet again, i have left this blog to it's own devices for some months. It's been a busy one since i last posted, i have begun my own freelance work and a new job. The job isn't in the design sector but it is the next best thing for now.

Having got to a place where i am quite comfortable with how thing are going i have decided to conquer the rebrand i have always been meaning to do. So... watch this space for a new look logo, website and blog!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Mattson Creative

Mattson Creative is a design studio who specialise in brand and identity development. Their studio is based in Orange County, USA and they have worked for clients such as Coca Cola, Apple, Maroon 5 and Pepsi.

I first came across their work when i began research into can design and saw their recent redesign of the Vanilla Coca-Cola can. They always manage to put their stamp on it or work their style into it somehow. I admire designers with a strong personal style that doesn’t deter big name clients from working with them. For instance they took the Vanilla Coke can and made it their own and it really is quite different from anything Coca-Cola have done before on their cans. 

From looking at their online portfolio i realised they were behind the designs for some alternate DVD box sets and poster for the American TV series Dexter. I happen to be a huge fan of the series and so instantly enjoyed the illustrative style they had applied to the box sets. They really brought Dexter to life and they looked a lot cooler than the existing box sets. 

They produce work that I would love to have in my portfolio and if I ever move to America I will definitely be asking them for a placement! 

W: http://mattsoncreative.com/

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Fear Of Failure - Designers Discuss

This is a series of very short films from some of the top creative minds of our day (such as Milton Glaser, Stefan Sagmeister, Michael Wolff etc.) on surmounting the fear of failure. This was originally put together by the students of the Berghs School Of Communication in Sweden and I assume they did this because it’s a subject that worries every student. 

The fact that other designers feel like this, even successful designers such as Stefan Sagmeister provides some comfort to myself. I always feel like once i become a better designer, once i get a placement etc. I will feel confident as a designer. However, i don’t think this will ever happen. I think no matter what i do i will be afraid of failing and I won’t ever think of myself as a good designer. The fear of failure is something i have struggled alot with over this last year. I am always desperate to do better in my work, and sometimes my passion for graphic design doesn’t always translate it my work. This is because I am fairly new in the graphic design world and i have a long way to go yet and alot to learn. 

Milton Glaser provided an interesting insight into success and failure. He said “to be successful you have to create a brand, you become a specialist” to get here you have to “demonstrate you have something unique and that you can do it over and over and over and over again until you lose interest. Until the point at which it hurts you”. By hurt he means we will never develop or learn anything from being successful and surely as designers we always want to be growing and learning so that we become better designers. He ended by saying “embrace failure”. This is something I need to bare in mind when i leave university for the working world. I will not get everything right straight away. If I fail I will learn more and this will make me a better designer. 

Another quote which i will remember from this series was a quote by Stefan Sagmeister. He said “If you do not start it now you will not start it later”. This is a quote every design student should remind themselves of regularly. I am one of those people who leaves jobs right until the last minute when I am forced to work under pressure. I work well this way but it is not always the best way of working in terms of design. Good design should not be rushed. 

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Prada Real Fantasies Look Book S/S 11

Prada’s latest look book provided a great deal of inspiration and reference for the mood book I created as a part of the Topman project. This look book by Prada is unlike most other look books as it does not focus solely on the clothes and has a little fun with the images and effects. 

The latest collection by Prada makes use of bright colours and bold prints and so their look book needed to be as outgoing if not more outgoing than the clothes are. The video that accompanies the collection is just as crazy but it all fits in with the overall look being created by the collection. It only adds to the collection.

As Topman are a fashion forward brand who like to break boundaries and do things a little differently. I felt that they would like to be seen to be doing something a successful fashion house is doing but take it one step further. 

Monday, 24 October 2011

Caravan Branding - In House Design

Inhouse Design are a studio based in New Zealand. This particular project caught my eye because of their tightly considered use of type and language to create a unique brand. They have mixed just the right amount of new and old which follows the clean and simple look that makes it look interesting to the eye. 

The brand switches from clean simple and bold text to intricate detailing on such items as the spoon handle communicates that it’s an expensive brand that takes of every detail. 

This project is similar to the brand that i created for ‘Full Stop’ such as there was great care taken in the detailing of every piece in the brand. The concept also works across all platforms as it does with the caravan project. It’s a very good example of good restaurant branding that I am sure i will reference again in the future. 

W: http://www.inhousedesign.co.nz/

Friday, 21 October 2011

Tropicana Natural Energy Ad - DDB Paris

I came across this advert while looking for more inspiration on how to best communicate that a product can deliver energy that is natural. I’m almost kicking myself that I didn’t think of this idea first. 
The concept is simple and executed in a brilliant manner. The spectacle created obviously looked as brilliant in real life as it did on screen. The ad itself was directed by Johnny Hardstaff who is phenomenal at coming up with innovative ideas. 
I think it works especially well because there is a central focus around the fruit itself and this is something that can sometimes be lacking in my designs for the I AM drink. I think there needs to be a large focus on the ingredients inside for it to communicate a clear message that it is made up of natural ingredients. 

V: http://vimeo.com/22167226
W: http://www.ddb.fr/

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Capital Kitchen Project - Cornwell

Cornwell are a brand and communications agency based in Australia. They created the branding for ‘home wares and food concept store’ called Capital Kitchen.

This was the main inspiration and reference point during the ‘Full Stop’ brief. I loved the simplistic style. By mixing new with old and clean white surfaces with lots of textures such as wood and brick they created a very authentic, natural brand.

They mixed in a variety of nostalgic food items into the illustrations to represent a time in history when things moved at a much slower and calmer pace. By putting this is a busy city such as Melbourne it felt like a retreat away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

I wanted to try and create the same effect with my 'full stop' project by injecting a little more fun and playfulness into the brand. 

It was a fantastic reference and I was lucky to find something that encompassed most of what i was trying to communicate within
my design. 

 W: http://www.cornwell.com.au/